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Family Owned & Operated

Angelic Carpet Cleaning Katy TX owners- We’re a family-owned and -operated business – always have been, and always will be. We’ve made Katy our home for 18 Years , while building our life’s work. Call today and schedule your home & business cleaning soon!


Fulton Fytch

Better than a magic eraser, faster than superman, you people delivered an awesome carpet cleaning that I will never forget!

Daylon Deandra

I would love to recommend this company to anyone out there searching online for the perfect carpet cleaning company! Definitely call these guys, I did and was very satisfied!

At Angelic Carpet Cleaning, cleaning is our business.  Fortunately, it's what we do and what we love.  You will have freedom to spend time with your family.  Let our family handle your carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning.  

Truck mounted steam extraction is the only carpet cleaning method recommended by carpet manufacturers.  Angelic Carpet Cleaning's commitment is using the best equipment and methods to clean your flooring and furniture.  Our standards and attention to detail are incomparable.  Our services are including but not limited to: Carpet, Upholstery, Tile/Grout cleaning, and re-staining, Carpet Stretching, Area Rug cleaning & Water extraction and remediation.  We specialize in urine treatments and odor control situations, such as, animals and smoking and cooking and children messes and oops I spilled messes so pretty much anything life can throw at you or on your carpet.

"My commitment to you!" Angelic Carpet Cleaning Katy TX

I am always proud of our work and therefore you will be, too. Not for the most part because I am a proud mother. In the first place, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. Personally, I raise my children in Katy, and they raise their children in Katy. As a result, we respect our customers and our community. Our guarantee is we are professionals and professional is what you get. Consequently, if upon completion of the cleaning, it is not up to the floors top achieving results. Sean will come to clean it again. Wait until you see the results, then you will be over the moon happy. In conclusion, let us make your carpet look divine!

Angelic Carpet Cleaning Katy TX.

Open links below "How To" take care of your carpet, per carpet makers. We care how your carpet is loved. Also, we care that you have all the information for carpet maintenance. As an illustration below there are links to take you straight to the carpet makers websites.

Angelic Carpet Cleaning Katy TX
Although, you have many cleaning company choices. Angelic Carpet Cleaning is the family company for your home.

Your Money Is Never Wasted!

Katy Carpets ETC is our flooring company, together my husband and I offer you a full service for your flooring needs.  As a result, customers that use Angelic Carpet Cleaning will receive a discount towards new flooring at Katy Carpet ETC. So your money is never wasted and we know the value of a dollar.  Services we offer at Katy Carpets ETC are new carpet, hardwood, laminate and LVT, tile, granite or quartz counter tops, and we even order custom area rugs.   Call now for a FREE estimate and measurement.